Top 5 Massage Kit


Top 5 Massage Kit


Top 5 is a set of massage devices with which you can massage your whole body from head to toe. The kit consists of ive devices which are

  1. Face Roller
  2. Colibrı́Roller
  3. Busy Hand
  4. Track Roller
  5. Amy Disk

Our complete massage kit puts your body into a deep relaxing mood. These massage devices are scientifically proven to increase blood circulation which therefore improves metabolism. Use Top 5 today to enjoy healthy living.

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Now you can get a full body massage without leaving the comfort of your home.

Introducing Top 5 Massage kit. The only complete massage kit for your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back, hands, fingers, legs, and feet. Our kit comes with five massage devices which you can use to massage yourself or a partner. Our kit includes :

Face Roller for massaging your face and neck
Colibrí Roller for massaging arms, legs, and feet
Busy Hand for massaging fingers and hand
Track Roller for massaging back, neck, and shoulders
Amy Disk for massaging abdomen, buttocks, legs, and scalp

Living with headaches, stiff neck, back pain, leg cramp, or heel pain is no fun. Our massage devices are the answer to all your massage needs. Included in the package, you’ll find a detailed manual on massaging any major part of your body. Relax and enjoy the deep sensual massage from any of our devices. No need to schedule time with a personal masseuse.

Easy to use – No need to clean after use. The five light weight massage devices are easy to use. Simply use the device according to instructions and store it in the included bag. These devices fit nicely in your dresser drawer.

This must have massage kit comes with everything included you are all set to start using it right away. Presented in a bag it makes a perfect gift for women and men who care about their health.

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